PURPOSE OF E.P.E.C. (Empower People, Empower Change)

EPEC | Empower People, Empower Change LLC is a state-registered business that serves communities, churches, businesses, organizations, individuals, and families in need of empowerment and progress.



To empower people to make choices that will improve their lives and future generations. 


We believe that loving others through influencing, mentoring, coaching, and teaching, we can help them to understand how to avoid and/or escape undesirable situations they are in and give them a pathway to place themselves in a more desirable circumstance. Also, by removing these undesirable situations, people no longer have to experience stress, worry, and chaos that has been "the norm" for so many years. Ultimately, the knowledge and wisdom that EPEC promotes and encourages are to help people to live out their purpose and giftings as well as change their family tree.

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EPEC Empower People, Empower Change

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