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 E.P.E.C. Empower People, Empower Change LLC

Premier Financial Coaches for Nurses and Dental Hygienists


We partner with individuals and families as expert and compassionate coaches, influencing their holistic well-being—mind, body, and spirit—through our impactful coaching strategies. Together, we break the cycle of financial stress and insecurity. Through our coaching, individuals and families gain the knowledge, skills, tools, and habits to confidently manage their finances, paving the way to financial freedom. 




Trusted Financial Transformation Coaches
Trusted Healthcare Professionals

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   Jay Lewis is a seasoned financial coach with over 12 years of financial coaching experience. He has the honor of being a part of transforming lives professionally.  He also carries a Certification as a Dave Ramsey Financial Master Coach.


   He brings a wealth of life experience, with a background as a Registered Dental Hygienist, accumulating over five years of expertise in the healthcare field. He is well-loved by community dental offices. Andrew also holds an Associate degree in Recording Arts.  


   Jay serves on Metro Life Church's Financial Board and is a Journey of Generosity class facilitator. He is an active volunteer and is deeply committed to hosting a range of activities including managing the video sound system at church,  leading men's groups, community groups,  community basketball, and impactful financial empowerment classes. His mission is to empower families to break the cycle of financial stress and insecurity and arm them with the confidence and financial freedom to pursue their passions while creating generational change and leaving a legacy of generosity. 

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     Jennifer Lewis is a seasoned financial coach with over 12 years of experience. She provides valuable insight and wisdom to clients desiring to transform their lives and make generational changes. 


   She is a dedicated healthcare professional leader with over 20 years of nursing experience. Holding a Master of Science in Nursing degree, she serves as a Director of Nursing Informatics for one of the largest hospitals in the country. She is also a career coach and resume writer to empower those who want to advance in their profession to increase their skills and income and shine before hiring leaders. Get that Job!

   Beyond her professional career, Jennifer is an active community volunteer at Metro Life Church. She is a Journey of Generosity class facilitator and a driving force behind impactful initiatives like racial reconciliation open forums, community basketball programs, praise dancing, financial empowerment classes, and more.


Over 24 years of  EXPERIENCE combined!

We have been there...

We lived paycheck-to-paycheck

We lacked financial literacy

We experienced stress, and frustrations and felt alone.

We are now debt-free, have multiple investments, including 2 Airbnbs, able to give like we want to, are seasoned financial coaches, have built a community for others to thrive, and so much more.

We are now committed to empowering other families to become pioneers in making generational shifts, not only in their financial well-being but in every facet of their lives


E.P.E.C. makes a difference in the community with thousands of families reached since 2011! 

A few of our Charity Partners!
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