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Success Stories

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Almost $18,000 Change in Position!!

"EPEC has provided me with practical knowledge and skill development to achieve financial freedom. That was something I didn’t have before! On top of that, the accountability and regular encouragement was transformational. ....I’ve learned and achieved things I never dreamt were possible, and they are things that I believe will continue to have a positive effect in my life for years to come! To anyone on the fence about using their services, let me tip the scales for you.. DO IT!!" - Kayla

We're thinking about retirement, we're thinking about our kid's education- and we were worried about that before, but this process helped us put a plan together

"Sometimes in my life I've been a little scared of a plan.  I really love it now!  And  I feel like a plan is just a little more freeing, I thought that a plan before this process was ..going to weigh me down or make me feel's been more freeing ...because it feels like... we're being more intentional" Kelli

If you told me we could save $10,000 like 8 months ago, I would have thought it wasn’t possible unless you were making a crazy amount of money-

"A lot of what you might think is financially impossible, is actually really possible.  With the help of a coach if you set a plan together, and you work on it together…you could really accomplish something that beforehand you would have thought was never even doable."   - Elizabeth and Tim

I was able to pay off $10,000 towards my car!!

I really felt like it was easy to speak to you , and you're very personable.  You made me feel like I could open up and speak about so many things.  So you made this whole journey for me very easy to get to where I am today.

I was able to pay off $10,000 towards my car  that was something I never thought I could do..and that was just in the time that we spoke! - Judy

Coaching not only helped me understand money but also understand specific habits that are associated with success.

     “Coaching with Andrew was more than just learning how to not spend too much. Coaching not only helped me to understand money but also understand the specific habits that are associated with success. Andrew will challenge you with questions geared to make you look inside and reflect rather than telling you “here’s what you need to do”. His style of teaching helped me to find the answers within while also applying the new lessons each month. Having someone by your side to track your progress and share your success with is great motivation and an excellent way to hold yourself accountable. 

       Andrew helped me to look at any problem I ran into from a different lens, and with insight from someone who’s been in the same position before it helps to see how the information can be applied. He was able to help me not only with my financial goals but understanding my WHY.  Goals are good but knowing why you have these goals is what matters. Patience is key with coaching, for the student and the coach. If you have patience to learn and apply what Andrew teaches you, then there’s no way you won’t succeed in your goals to financial peace.” - Jonathan

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Why work with us?


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Gain Emotional WINS!

Shift from......

fear to security,
doubt to confidence,
shame to joy,
anxiety to peace,
trapped to hopeful!


Designing a plan to get out of debt and following it consistently, and see how the plan is actually working.  I was anxious about it and how everything was going to go- reservations about the unknown, but after we started, I noticed that it was getting easy, and becoming more comfortable.


By switching banks it works out well for us because we are able to go grocery shopping earlier and not have to wait for the money to go through over the weekend.  Worked out better than we could ever imagine and staying focused.  Really like the excel spreadsheet for the budget.  Don’t even use the EveryDollar anymore.

Donna and Ron paid off over $20,000 debt recorded within 7 months, while still paying for their daughter’s activities and being able to be models in her life of what it means to be on track and work together in a marriage!


I would definitely recommend it I definitely am a person who needs somebody , .. Once you realize you can do it- you can do it.  Having someone to help be encouraged.  Personal finance isn’t something that’s really taught, especially when you have so many opinions on the correct way to do something


Financial coaching is for everyone but especially for those who may not have been taught how to properly handle finances. It goes beyond budgeting into the heart of why we do what we do. It's challenging, eye opening, sometimes tough, but it is so worth it. The change comes with the challenge. The financial commitment to receive coaching services cannot be compared to the education you receive. Think of it like tuition for financial literacy. Finances are a part of life continually, which makes financial coaching a worthy investment. Just do it - you won't regret it.


❌ Believe that your current financial situation cannot be improved upon

❌ Have a minimal financial investment in your goals and aspirations

❌ Are unwilling to listen to expert advice and guidance

❌ Are not ready to invest in your personal growth and transformation

❌ Are not willing to dedicate the necessary time and effort to make your financial transformation a success

❌ Are not committed to actively participating in the program and taking full advantage of the coaching calls

❌ Are happy with where you are financially and feel you have everything figured out.


✅ Desire to break free from the cycle of financial stress and create a lasting legacy

✅ Seek to build a solid foundation for financial well-being and leave a lasting impact

✅ You have tried to change, but have trouble sticking with your commitments

✅ Hunger to see different results than you have been getting

✅ May be unsure of what your goals are and how to create and achieve greatness

✅ Are ready to be a trailblazer in your financial journey and take charge of your destiny

✅ Long to experience the joy and freedom that comes with having a PLAN to get to where you desire to go

✅ Are committed to putting in the work and taking bold action to transform your financial reality

✅ Are unsure of what steps to take to make your financial goals a reality

✅ Lack the confidence and support to go after the dreams you have locked inside of you

✅ Currently experience no to little progress or results in your financial endeavors

Letter from us

    We understand the deep emotional journey of breaking free from financial burdens, leaving a meaningful legacy, and becoming a trailblazer in your own life. Our program is designed to provide you with the guidance, support, and proven strategies to make your financial dreams a reality. Together, we will embark on a transformative journey that will empower you to create lasting financial abundance and unlock the doors to a brighter future. Join us and become the author of your own legacy!


   Are you ready to leave behind the chaos and gain absolute clarity on the path ahead? Are you ready to join forces with us as we guide you toward becoming a trailblazer in your family? Are you prepared to unlock the immense power within you and achieve remarkable results? If you're nodding with excitement or even feeling some nervousness (that's normal) -it's time to leap!


    APPLY NOW and discover if you qualify for this life-changing opportunity. Don't let fear hold you back. Embrace the chance to create a legacy that will leave a lasting impact. Your journey to greatness begins now!


   Faith Without Works is DEAD..


It's Time You Take Control and do the best with what God has given you

The best time to plant a tree was 40 years ago. The second best time is today.

Now it's your turn to grab the opportunity that is right in front of you before it's gone.

Jay & Jen - EPEC
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