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 EPEC Empower People, Empower Change











Jay, originally from Piscataway, New Jersey, and Jennifer, a native Floridian, have been married for over 15 years. They have 2 little ones whom they hold dear to their hearts. They currently reside in the Orlando, Florida area.


    They have been teaching financial empowerment classes for over 8 years and have a passion for empowering others to do the same. Healthy financial habits are only one subject matter they specialize in but it helped launch an overhaul of lifestyle changes. They are avid inspirational and empowerment book readers and believe in always being a student. They have changed many lifestyle behaviors over the years including:

  • Money Health: They are debt-free with multiple investments, and have made many smart-money decisions for their kids' future and their future. Even though they are financially successful, they choose to live a humble minimalistic, and simple life. Less stuff equals more time to serve others, give, and live peacefully and mentally rich. 

  • Spiritual Health: They both grew up as pastor's kids. They both began a personal relationship with Christ later on in their adult life and have been growing passionately ever since. They have many experiences to share and warnings to bear. They keep it real. They are members of a local church and stay active in volunteer opportunities.

  • Marital Health (Relationships): Married in 2005, they have gone through their share of struggles and growth with much prayer and practical actions. They believe that marriage is sacrificial and hard work and if both partners are willing, anyone's marriage can be long-lasting.


  • Parental Health: They have 2 imperfect children, Nevaeh and Jayden. They adopted new parenting techniques in 2011 in which they incorporated early-on into their family's life. Their parenting includes a deep heart-to-heart connection; mind, body, and spiritual focuses; and encapsulates relational aspects of God.

  • Plant-powered Health: In 2011, they decided to transition to pescetarianism due to a variety of health issues over the years. They saw a drastic improvement in their physical health. Over the years, they have increased to an even more plant-based lifestyle and currently eat about 95% vegan. 

  • Career & Work Ethic: They both have successful careers. They have learned over the years that degrees can only take you so far up the ladder. There are some "ABCs" of career and work ethic that can carry anyone up the ladder, with or without a degree. #ABCsmatter 

  • Time Management: Tick-tock, tick-tock, time is so valuable to them. They both have adopted healthy time management skills to get things done efficiently and effectively.

  • Success:  They believe in living out a purpose-filled life. Every individual has a deep unique purpose and carries a gift for the world. Success equals value and that value is not impacted by circumstances. There are many amazing successful habits they have learned over the years that can help anyone pursuing their dreams and goals. #readbooks


   They did not grow up with any of the new-found behaviors they teach but personally learned them and lived them out over the years to empower themselves. It's been a powerful knowledge-filled journey. They are deeply passionate about encouraging others to change and they are committed to teaching these new habits so others can be empowered to live an overall healthy lifestyle with less worry, less stress, and less "unknown". Let them influence you on these new pathways of empowerment living. Empowering people empowers changes.

Check out their YouTube Channel! :

 EPEC Empower People, Empower Change


Andrew Jay Lewis is a Registered Dental Hygienist of 5 years and has been a Dave Ramsey Preferred Master Coach for over 3 years. He also holds an Associate of Science in Recording Arts degree. He volunteers at his local church to host community basketball, financial empowerment classes, and much more.


Jennifer Lewis is a Registered Nurse of 15 years. She holds a Master of Science in Nursing Degree specializing in Nursing Informatics. Her nursing background is in oncology (cancer care) where she served for over 7 years. She currently serves as a department manager of nursing informatics at a large system hospital. She volunteers at her local church as a community event planner: racial reconciliation open forums, community basketball, praise dancing, financial empowerment classes, and much more.


Nevaeh Lewis is a bundle of joy who loves the creative arts. She loves Language Arts, reading, video creating and editing, dancing, singing, drawing, and acting. She enjoys learning leadership skills and character-building from American Heritage Girls.


Jayden Lewis is a powerhouse of energy. He loves Mathematics, engineering, basketball, swimming, track, video games, and gaga ball. He enjoys learning leadership skills and character-building from Trail Life USA.

Andrew Jay & Jennifer 
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