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Success Coaching/Mastermind Groups

Fulfilled with purpose

Life can bring many obstacles and uncertainty, but we can help you turn those obstacles into opportunities and uncertainty into stepping-stones. Do you ever feel a loss of what to do next, and question where you are going in life? Do you ever feel like you have something so passionately burning inside of you, but you don’t know how to answer that call or where to even begin? Or that you have started on so many projects, but they are not gaining any traction?

All sessions (Adults and Children) are completed virtually in

online live meetings in the comfort of your own home!

Individual/Couples Success Coaching


The power of coaching saves time & energy.

There is no magic pill to make your dreams come true instantly, but we will provide you with success coaching to guide you in the right direction. It won’t be easy at first as we work on impacting your mentality, but you can and will upgrade your thinking through the powerful lessons we teach as you finally begin slaying your goals. You will finally feel like you are accomplishing your dreams and goals. You will finally feel like you are coming alive. You will finally feel like you have direction. You will finally feel like you are living on purpose, for a purpose….a fulfilled life.


"To excel at the highest level or at any level, you need to believe in yourself , and hands down, one of the biggest contributors to my self-confidence has been private coaching."

- Stephen Curry

EPEC Mastermind Groups


The power of a group for individual goals

EPEC MMGs offer a mixture of success coaching, educational lessons, brainstorming sessions, group accountability and support, and the realization of the power of the human mind connection. Iron sharpening iron. Your group will improve skills, share ideas, and build each other up whether its personal or business goals. A mastermind group helps you and your group members achieve success faster and wiser. Group members challenge each other to continuously set strong individual goals, and more importantly accomplish and celebrate together for a lifetime. Rise up together. 

 “If you find yourself weak in persistence, surround yourself with a Mastermind Group”

– Napoleon Hill (Creator of MMG concept).

What services are provided to help your Mastermind Group and/or Success Coaching be successful?


Virtual Meeting Times

Expert Lead Accountability For 3 Months/Meet Every 1-2 Weeks

Group Commitment Contract Signing

MMG Teaching, Resources, & Worksheets

MMG Structure Set-Up & Organization

EPEC MMGs: A few accomplishments since 2020

  • Personal training business

  • Teaching online business

  • Homeschooling preparation

  • Bookkeeping service business

  • Financial coaching business

  • Elderberry business

  • Website design & building

  • Countless network opps

  • Financial stability

  • Certifications for schooling

  • Business logistics accomplished

  • Authoring books

  • Health fitness goals reached

  • Self-development books read

  • Increased discipline


Let them join EPEC's Mastermind Groups for Kids!!

We empower your children to begin living purposeful and focused lives through
group virtual sessions online
What do we provide?​
  • Empowering Lessons 
  • Goal-setting with accountability
  • Purpose-Driven Discussions
  • Brainstorming Sessions
  • Successful Mindset Principle Memorization
  • Inspirational/Success Book Readings
  • Goal-focused Conversations
  • Peer to Peer Interactions
  • Like-minded community friendships
EPEC MMG for kids is recommended for children ages 10-14.Older than 14? Adult MMG lessons are more fitting. Must provide at least 4 kids to begin a MMG (does not have to be from the same household).

You provide the children, we provide the empowerment.
Contact us for a Free Consultation!


EPEC MMGs for Kids: A few accomplishments since 2021

  • Authoring book projects (2)

  • Tournament Hosting

  • 3 Youtube Channel Creations

  • Self-motivated sport improvement

  • Consistent YouTube content creation

  • Play productions in garage 

  • Video mini-series creations

  • So much more!

Your children are capable of living out their purpose early...let us guide them there!

Mastermind groups and success coaching are powerful tools to avoid wasting time and energy. Join thousands who have embarked on this path to ongoing successful living. 

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